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The Board of Directors for North Central Co-op is a Policy Governance run board. Policy Governance consists of 4 basic policies:

1. Governance Policy – This details how the board acts

2. Executive Limitations Policy – This defines what job expectations the board has of the General Manager, and what actions the General Manager cannot take while fulfilling those expectations.

3. Ends Policy – This explains what the end is that the General Manager wants to reach

4. Means Policy – This details what the means are that the General Manager can use to reach an end, and alternately what means he/she cannot use.

Every year, 3 or more of our current Board of Directors’ terms end. Any member of North Central Co-op interested in becoming a Board Director must fill out and submit a nomination package. Once the package is complete and all the qualification requirements have been checked according to North Central Co-ops’ bylaws, their name is added to a voting ballot as a ‘Nominee’. At our Annual General Meeting (AGM), all North Central Co-op members present vote and Nominees with the most votes fill the 3 or more director positions.

Co-ops are democratically controlled; members control the co-op through a locally elected Board of Directors. More information about control of the co-op can be found on our FAQ page.


North Central Co-op Lifetime Members

Hilda Schoepp

Irvin Schiedeman


The board members of North Central Co-op are: